Tuesday, May 9, 2017

New Opportunity

Over four years ago, I dropped out of my PhD program. Broken and confused, I was looking for signs of my next step. In many ways, the field of social work fell into my lap. And like the ending of my chance at a PhD, I went with my heart and instinct. I went into a master's program in social work, and two years after graduation, I sit here able to state that it was the best choice I have ever made.

Even more so than four years ago, many changes are taking place in my life now, all of which are frightening. But if we allow it to, change - all change, good and bad - can be exciting as well. Because even the kind of change that breaks us down to nothing of our old selves, strips us of all of our assumptions and comforts, means we get to rebuild ourselves to exactly what we desire to be.

I am returning to school to get a doctorate in social work. A completely different kind of degree, but still planning to return to the world of academia - first, as a student, and hopefully later on as an employee - was something I couldn't even consider for years. But the person I am now gave way to different opportunities and desires, and also different strengths. Somebody said to me recently that every decision we make, we should make with our heart. And I do.