Monday, March 13, 2017

We All Change

Lately, I have become more and more aware of a change within myself. A person in my life, a rekindled friendship, has changed the way I feel about myself, life, and other people. Sometimes, it can be a person, an event, a move, or one single thing that is uttered from a stranger's mouth that can change your entire outlook or who you are. Sometimes, this one small thing can make you realize parts of yourself you didn't know were there.

I have discussed, in the past four years that I have been blogging, many changes that took place within me - specifically when I entered my PhD program, and again after I left it. The process and decision was the hardest by far I have had to make in this life, and it did change me forever. On the one hand, I am less judgmental, more open-minded, less focused on ego and success, and more focused on my relationships. On the other hand, I have less trust in my decision-making and more fear for making the wrong choices.

Not only do experiences change us, but so does time. Have you ever thought "what would I think of myself or my life if I looked from 4 years ago...or 4 weeks ago??!" Recently, I very much have. With age, experience, and time, sometimes we really do change. Sometimes, they are external changes (which we can all expect in life) that alters us internally. And sometimes, they are internal shifts and changes that may or may not permanently alter our outside world. Sometimes, our worlds just can't stay the same.


  1. You have such insight at your young age and have summed up the cycle of life in a nutshell. Most of my insight has been a long time coming, and when I thought I had it all figured out, those "external changes" threw me a curve. I have lived by the Golden Rule for most of my life and it has served me well. This poem has also guided me: Yesterday is but a memory, tomorrow an uncharted course, so live today so it will be a memory without remorse. Edgar Cayce

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  3. Dear Brittany,

    I was wondering if you would like to publish my story on your blog. I am a mum of a 17 months old beautiful baby boy and I have had challenges on my PhD which is making my school terminate my research/enrolment. I had a difficult path on the PhD but coupling it as a mum was not funny. I had to put the care of my child first. I don't know if there are other mums out there that can relate to my story. I want to give my son the best of everything so I am willing to appeal the decision, however, I really don't feel like a PhD right now is for me until he's about 3 years old and can attend nursery. Please do get back to me.

    Thank you.