Monday, January 9, 2017

Being the Best Version of Yourself

In November, I wrote about picking up the pieces of ourselves when we feel broken. Recently, I have dug deeper into that sentiment by discovering long-buried broken-hearted pieces of myself that were just waiting for repair. Even for the strongest, face-your-problems-head-on types, there are small or large wounds that have been buried. Some pain is so tremendous that we suppress it as to not truly delve into it.

But the thing about pain is, that if we don't work through it, it will be buried deep inside of us - it will stay there. One day, now or far in the future, something will bring it back to the surface, and we will never be ready to deal with it. No moment will be ideal. But with that buried pain comes parts of ourselves which are undiscovered and parts of ourselves which are suppressed. Usually, this pain comes from relationships and loss, as not much else can touch our hearts so deeply. The pain is usually in those taboo topics and ignored mentions. 

We never know what we will find when we finally cope with the pain. We may find self-hate, guilt, shame, anger, and we also may find forgiveness, and love. But no matter what we find, we will learn more of ourselves there. And the more we know of ourselves, the more we can work on bettering our true selves.

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