Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Pushing through the BS

While contemplating issues I have had at work recently, words came into my head: nobody moves up without losing favoritism. I have only been at my company less than a year but have made a few personal and professional strides, and I often get negative vibes from others - vibes I didn't get when I was a non-threatening newbie. One of my co-workers was discussing similar issues she has with people gossiping and feeling negatively toward her, and I was shocked by this. Having worked beside her, I couldn't imagine anyone acting this way toward this sweet, compassionate, hard working individual. She laughed when I expressed this and stated that, in essence, all of her good traits are exactly why she receives the negative attention.

Never be a person who compares yourself to others. Be a person who is too busy improving yourself to give a second thought to competition or comparisons. Some of us are pushers, some more laid back. But accept this about yourself, love it, and if you do not, change it.