Sunday, November 13, 2016

Licking our Wounds

When we are all going through turmoil, all we want is to get through it. We want it to be over - whether it be the funerals & things needed to be done after a death, the devastation of a national disaster, or the trauma of finishing up a graduate degree, we just want it to be over. What we don't feel and think about until later is the aftermath of it all. After it is technically and officially "over," we have to cope with things which are often much harder than the events themselves. The feelings and the wounds we still have.

This particular week in the United States is difficult. Many hearts are broken and devastated. We all have ups and downs in life, and this entire month needs to remind us that we never know when or what something is going to come crashing down on us. We do not know when the down is coming. For much of America, we must lick our wounds where a skewed people and unfair system made them. 

It is important, no matter what the struggle, that we grieve fully and come back even harder at life. If we lost a fight, we must fight again. If we made the wrong decision, we must determine to find the right one. If someone died, we must heal. Even if it changes our lives forever, we must get back up and persevere.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Volunteer trip

Hello! Family, friends, and whoever else, please help me raise some money for my volunteer trip to Brazil with IVHQ in 2017!

As many of you know, I love my job as a hospice social worker, and I love to travel! This trip and work will be different than any other I have done previously. This unique one-week trip is focused on volunteer work within the Rio de Janeiro area. The work will involve working with a different population and task each day, including: helping landscape a community garden, playing/teaching sports to local children, helping a local NGO with making garments and souvenirs out of scrap and recycled materials, giving English lessons to the local community,  and helping a community sports project.

Money will be used for: flight, registration fees, program fees (which cover housing, food, and airport transfers), Visa fees, and vaccines.

There is no real goal! ANY donation is appreciated and contributes to this good cause, and I pay the rest!

Love to you all,

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Pushing through the BS

While contemplating issues I have had at work recently, words came into my head: nobody moves up without losing favoritism. I have only been at my company less than a year but have made a few personal and professional strides, and I often get negative vibes from others - vibes I didn't get when I was a non-threatening newbie. One of my co-workers was discussing similar issues she has with people gossiping and feeling negatively toward her, and I was shocked by this. Having worked beside her, I couldn't imagine anyone acting this way toward this sweet, compassionate, hard working individual. She laughed when I expressed this and stated that, in essence, all of her good traits are exactly why she receives the negative attention.

Never be a person who compares yourself to others. Be a person who is too busy improving yourself to give a second thought to competition or comparisons. Some of us are pushers, some more laid back. But accept this about yourself, love it, and if you do not, change it.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Throwing All Expectations Out the Window

So much of our lives are made up of expectations. From how often to shower to what kind of job to seek, we probably don't even realize that expectations guide most of our actions and thus, our lives. Some of us are more guided by others' expectations and some of us, more by our own expectations.

People sometimes ask me whether my family's expectations pushed me to get a PhD or go through everything that I did. They expect that for me to push so hard, something external was pushing me. But it was always my own expectations. Where to live, what kinds of people to be friends with, and most of all, who to be.

Today, many of these standards for myself are out the window. Salary, status, and profession. I am a hospice social worker and day by day, I accept and greatly appreciate what I get to offer the world. I still have goals for my future, but I am OK with today - something that I never was before. Now, I deal more with the expectations of others, as I stopped being tunnel visioned by my own. My mother's, my husband's, my boss's, and my patients', to say the least. Something happened the other day and it was a wake up call for me. I realized that though I haven't allowed these expectations to change a whole lot, they have guided my mind, my way of thinking of certain things, my hesitations to do and be me. No longer will we allow this, and we can only fight the expectations by acknowledging and letting go of them.