Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Sometimes, we just get through it

Lately, I have been educating myself in Buddhist practices and perspectives. I have always held beliefs that conflicted with my Catholic upbringing and aligned more with ideas of reincarnation, karma, and inner learning.

Part of my interest is desperation, a need to find something, anything to give me insight into my own suffering. As hopefully only few of you understand, the worst suffering comes from the inside, from the self. It's the way we think, feel, and the things we do to ourselves that hurt the most.

The key is to find that lifeline that gives you a reason to keep going. For the overachievers among us, when we are not moving forward and up, we feel worthless. But to be a constant mover, we have to stop and fall sometimes to regather who we are, what we want, and where we are and want to go. Sometimes, we can just get through it. Not glamorously, or with accomplishment, but we just get through it. It is a time to learn and think, with the faith that we can move forward again in the future.

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