Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Your mind is your reality

Given my history and writing interests, I am clearly passionate about the truth. The more we close our eyes to harsh realities, the less likely these realities will be changed. But it is also important to keep the bad realities external to ourselves and to only take in the good - the improvements we and our world make every day.

In other words, we must hold whatever it is that keeps us strong and moving forward on the inside. Yes, we need to put time and effort into making our careers and families and lives into what we desire them to be, but we must hold our strength on the inside. Most of our lives is made of choice. But once in a while, bad things happen that we have no choice in. And when they do, careers and families and lives sometimes cannot keep us going. Only we can.

Even though I have gone through what I know will always be my worst time, the reality is that there are always more to come. More almost-the-worst times. As I make my life into what I want it to be, I also make myself into who I want to be.

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