Saturday, April 25, 2015

Happiness is a path, not a destination

The crossroads which has been discussed extensively in the book, Confessions of a Grad School Dropout, and on the pages of this blog, to making a decision about either holding on to something right or giving up something wrong is not a once-in-a-lifetime choice. Throughout our lives, there are going to be many times in which we force ourselves to stop and "smell the flowers." In other words, appreciate the good in our lives as well as deciphering what needs change - as there is always going to be a change that can be made. 

Despite graduate school decisions possibly being the hardest ones you will have to make, as they were for me, this is often only the first step to living a happier and more fulfilled life. I made my own decision almost three years ago, and yet, it recently hit me hard that I wasn't living well in other ways. I had childhood desires and fears that were left unresolved, I was not conscious of my nutritional decisions, I was allowing toxic people to take over my mind and heart, and I have rarely been making time for the things I am meant to do, such as writing and learning.

Hardworkers such as myself must often take a step back and assess if they are living a balanced life. Being a Libra, I especially react physically, emotionally, and spiritually when I am unaligned with what I truly need and who I truly am. Yes, I have been helping others greatly, but I can help so much more if I take care of myself. I will be a healthier, stronger, and more reliable person when I constantly assess my own issues and health.

For me, I meditate, write, spend time near the water, and watch movies that soothe my soul's need on that day. If I hadn't learned to meditate one month before my 2012 breakdown, and met some key people associated with that spirituality, I am unsure whether I would have gotten through.

We all have a purpose, some to love, some to create, some to protect, and some to heal. Some of us have a purpose that requires us to be extremely inline with who we are - no faking it for a minute. Take care and become that person you need to be to fulfill your heart's deepest desires. And do it today.