Saturday, October 18, 2014

Confessions of a Grad School Dropout

Two years ago, after years of hard work, I began a PhD program in Counseling Psychology. I was 22 years old, self-confident, and up until the point when I started graduate school, a "perfect" student. When I left, I was 23 years old, lost, and defeated. In that year, I made the most difficult decision of my life by looking deep within myself and deciding not to complete my PhD.

In Confessions of a Grad School Dropout, my new E-book, I attempt to explain, inform, warn, comfort, and encourage other students in making their own decisions to attend school. The experiences of students and the research of professionals have guided the production of this book. Most people can understand why one might want to go to graduate school, but only a few can understand why students choose to leave. This book is meant to allow understanding in all people of the break-down that often leads up to and follows the decision to leave.

Graduate school is something that is increasingly needed and increasingly attended, and yet, little is known about the hidden, sometimes taboo, experiences us academics face. Students go to graduate school clueless and overconfident and as many as 50% will never finish. My hope for my book is that the information in it will help to diminish high attrition rates and give students the information needed to be confident and informed as they depart on their graduate school journeys.

Not only for students, Confessions of a Grad School Dropout is a self-help for anyone who wants to feel passion for what they do, every day. For anyone who has gone too far down the wrong path. For anyone who has hit their own personal Bottom. More than anything, this book is to help, to guide - the same goal as I have now as a future social worker. I put my heart into it - So read & spread the word!

My book is officially out on Bookcounty, as well as on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and processing on all the other major online sellers. However, I actually benefit most from purchases made on Bookcountry, which can be read on all electronic devices J

"An honest and too often unspoken account of one grad student's journey not only into and out of grad school but in finding herself. Not only for the student, but pertinent to anyone who has once, or should, change paths" Charles Pascal, PhD, author of Too Far From Perfect “Confessions of a Grad School Dropout is a candid account of Brittany Stahnke Couturier’s journey through academia. Her examples not only of her own experience but of others, sometimes tragic, are a strongly recommended read for anyone considering a graduate program. She addresses the journey in such a way that the reader is guided through a very realistic decision-making process.” M.C.V. Egan, author of The Bridge of Deaths "This book is for anyone who wants to live an authentic life." Elizabeth Vrato, author of The Counselors

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  1. That book is a lot more serious than PhD Comics are...