Sunday, June 8, 2014

Lend a Helping Hand

Even with the worst of memories and situations, I would declare that it always helps to use our pain to help others. I'm not sure if it ever makes up for what we've been through, but it certainly makes us see the good through the bad. It may even allow us to look back and leave regret behind.

When leaving or thinking of leaving grad school, it is easy to look back and hate where we put ourselves or the choice to leave it. Our choices put us in a very bad place, or maybe we have no good choice but to leave and we instead regret smaller choices that led us there. But pain can always be used to further good causes, if we choose to leave our bitterness behind.

Anyone is welcome to contact me with their own story to share on our blog. You can help by reaching out and letting another drop out be comforted with the knowledge that they are not alone, that there are other people just like them out there.

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