Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My New Ventures

As I begin my new ventures, I have to remember that there are always going to be people out there who are still struggling with their choice. People who are still miserable, still pulling themselves along each day. After the entire ordeal, and your life is back in order, as mine is now, there will be many days when the last thing you want to think about is where you were last year and how it felt to be there. But it is important that people like myself do not forget. We are the comfort to the future drop outs.

Only two things comforted me at this time: the understanding of people in similar situations...I could have talked to them for days about my struggles. And figuring out a new plan. Finally allowing the thought of, "what if this, what I worked for since I was 15, is not right for me? What if I made a mistake?" into my head allowed me to breathe again, though it felt like my dreams were just crushed.

That's what is funny about a dream. It is something that we create in our head, and we hold on to it so tight, that we sometimes can't see the other opportunities rushing by. A dream is something in our head while happiness, destiny is the reality we ignore.

So, if what you fought for is not feeling the way it should, let it go. You probably aimed for it not out of passion, but out of some other emotion like ego or loyalty to your plan, or to your family. And if reading all this makes you smile inside, you already have your answer. The hardest part is admitting it and taking your step toward Change.

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